Planax CopyBinder Strips

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Product NamePlanax CopyBinder Strips
  • Introducing Planax CopyBinder Strips exclusively available from The Binding Box and The Finishing Point Ltd to be used with the Planax CopyBinder Auto Tape Binding Machine.
  • Size A - 20mm
  • Size B - 25mm
  • Size C - 30mm
  • Size D - 35mm
  • Size E - 40mm
  • Size F - 50mm

See Technical Tab for additional information.

Also Available: Planax CopyBinder Machine

  • Brushed Linen Effect Strips
  • High Quality Tape Glue - Planatol Germany
  • True Lay Flat Qualities
  • Document Width Guide
Size Size mm Book Width
A 20mm 1mm-3mm
B 25mm 3mm-8mm
C 30mm 8mm-13mm
D 35mm 13mm-18mm
E 40mm 18mm-23mm
F 50mm 23mm-33mm
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Planax CopyBinder Strips

Code Description Pack Price Qty Buy
20SWA Planax CopyBinder Strips 20mm Black Size A 100 Pack £18.50
£22.20 inc. VAT
25SWA Planax CopyBinder Strips 25mm Black Size B 100 Pack £20.60
£24.72 inc. VAT
30SWA Planax CopyBinder Strips 30mm Black Size C 100 Pack £22.75
£27.30 inc. VAT
35SWA Planax CopyBinder Strips 35mm Black Size D 100 Pack £25.75
£30.90 inc. VAT
40SWA Planax CopyBinder Strips 40mm Black Size E 100 Pack £27.95
£33.54 inc. VAT
50SWA Planax CopyBinder Strips 50mm Black Size F 100 Pack £32.55
£39.06 inc. VAT