Pouch Laminators

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Product NamePouch Laminators
  • A3 Pouch Laminator 
  • High Speeds of 1.5m per minute
  • 6 Roller System 
  • LCD Display 
  • Push Button Control
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  • All roller temperatures are digitally controlled
  • Speed can be controlled from crawl up to high speeds of 1.5m per minute
  • Measure Function to check current temperature 
  • Stop Function to stop the rollers instantly
  • Reverse Function to rectify any mistakes
  • Standby Function allowing the laminator to cool when not in use but be ready again within 30 seconds of pressing go
  • Option to show if Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • A memory button for specific / repeat settings
  • The Leon 13DX laminator has a clear top casing whihc allows the operator to view the laminating process in action.
  • The Leon 13DX can also offer the latest foiling effects thanks to its ability to heat up to 140 degrees C as well as applying high pressure from the 6 driven rollers.  If you are using a toner based printer you can apply foils to your prints with ease on the Leon 13DX.  Simply cut a piece of foil to the size of the area you wish to apply the foil and pass it through the Leon 13DX as normal.  The results are a flawless foiled finish ideal for the craft, stationery and hobby markets.
  • In stock for next day delivery via DPD
  • Weighs 15Kg
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Pouch Laminators

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Leon13DX A3 Pouch Laminator High Speed Leon 13DX 1 Pack £549.00
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