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Product NamePUR Glue | Cleaner

The Binding Box offers a wide range of Perfect Binding Glues and Cleaning Products for use with both traditional EVA binding machines and the latest PUR binding solutions including Duplo EasyLoad cartridges.

  • Our glues are compatible with all manufacturers
  • PUR - Polyurethane Reactive Glues 
  • Henkel Hot Melt EVA Capsules - A 1kg box (roughly 38 Capsules) of small EVA capsules
  • Henkel PUR 1kg Bags - Henkel PUR
  • PUR Candles - High quality PUR candles boxed in quantities of 8
  • Easyload PUR - Duplo designed PUR canisters designed solely for use with the Duplo UltraBind range of PUR Binding machines
  • PUR Cleaner - A 25kg sack of PUR Cleaner
  • PUR Cleaning Tools - A variety of tools purposely designed for the cleaning down of PUR Binders - Nozzle Cleaning Blue Bar / Special Cleaning Needle / Nozzle Brush / Special Silica Gel / Silicone Spray.
  • PUR Grease - Used for the lubrication of the PUR Nozzle - Specially formulated for PUR machines.
  • Henkel Hot Melt EVA Capsules - designed for side glue tanks or machines with EVA side glue and PUR nozzles
  • Henkel PUR - Ideal for short run jobs.  Compatible with all PUR machines
  • PUR Candles - Ideal for larger run jobs. Compatible with all PUR Binding Machines
  • Easyload PUR - Pierce lid and screw in to position. Not compatible with other machinery, only Duplo UB series
  • PUR Cleaner - To clean the internal pipework of PUR machines.  Breaks down PUR residue in the pipes and should be used regularly.  Compatible with all PUR binding machines.
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PUR Glue | Cleaner

Code Description Pack Price Qty Buy
HTM3880S EVA Glue Capsules 1kg (Henkel) 1 Pack £22.00
£26.40 inc. VAT
QR3317S PUR Glue 1kg (Henkel) 1 Pack £47.00
£56.40 inc. VAT
01004201P EasyLoad PUR (6 Pack) 1 Pack £63.00
£75.60 inc. VAT
01000004P PUR Grease (6 Pack) 1 Pack £125.00
£150.00 inc. VAT
PUR-PC4 PUR Cleaner 25kgs 1 Pack £595.00
£714.00 inc. VAT
QR3317 PUR Glue Candles (8 Per Pack) 1 Pack £360.00
£432.00 inc. VAT
01000007 Special Cleaning Needle (5 Pack) 1 Pack £21.00
£25.20 inc. VAT
01004202C EasyLoad Cleaner (6 Pack) 1 Pack £55.00
£66.00 inc. VAT
01000003S Silicone Spray (6 Pack) 1 Pack £65.00
£78.00 inc. VAT
01000010 Special Silica Gel (2 Pack) 1 Pack £124.00
£148.80 inc. VAT
BG328 Acheebomelt BG328 Glue 20kgs (EVA) 1 Pack £275.00
£330.00 inc. VAT