Laminating Pouches

Laminating pouches from The Binding Box can be used with your laminating machine and are specifically designed to give your documents a professional look, whilst protecting them from tears and spills. 

About Laminating Pouches

Our gloss and matt laminating pouches allow you to place pieces of paper inside which further increases their longevity and improves presentation. Thanks to these durable pouches, if your paper is regularly passed around from person to person, it is vital that they remain readable, legible and intact. Our encapsulating pouches are made from tough plastic in various microns and sizes, so we can offer your document protection no matter what it is. Keep out liquids and other contaminants, any pictures and/ or diagrams will remain bright and your documents will stay legible through frequent use and repeated handling.

Uses for Laminating Pouches

Laminating/Lamination pouches from The Binding Box are commonly used in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, offices, small and large businesses, retail outlets, sports clubs and many more situations. They're a quick and simple way to give all kinds of documents a professional finish. Durable, water-resistant and wipe clean to protect your important documents from spills, tears, creases and smudges. 

The Binding Box’s solutions offer a cost-effective way to protect or enhance all sorts of flat materials.  Additionally, we offer sticky-back pouches that allow you to display your document easily on a clean viewing surface/noticeboard. 

Types and Sizes of Laminating Pouches

At The Binding Box, we offer a range of encapsulating laminating pouches in both gloss and matt finishes in various microns and various sizes from stock - including the following:-

  • Laminating Pouch Carriers
    • Used in conjunction with pouches
    • Offers protection to the pouch film when passed through a pouch laminating machine
    • Increase longevity of your pouch laminating machine
  • A1 - A2
    • Protect and enhance; Sale literature, price lists, menus, notices teaching aids & more
    • Widely used in Schools, colleges, universities & hospitals
  • A3 - A4
    • Stocked in large quantities
    • A bestseller at The Binding Box
    • Compatible with all main brand laminating machines
  • A5 - A6
    • Stain-resistant and wipe clean
    • Enhance the words and colours of the document
    • Maximise legibility
  • Identity Laminating Pouches
    • Available in 150, 200, 250 and 300 microns
    • Compatible with all main brand machines.

Benefits of Laminating Pouches

At The Binding Box, we like to offer solutions for every need. Choose from different lamination pouch sizes, with A3 and A4 sizes being the most popular.  A4 pouches are ideal for sealing a huge variety of document types including; informal documents as well as for promotional material.  Smaller pouches are good for ID cards and small photos. 

In addition to the varying sizes, we offer pouches in different thicknesses, specified in microns.  Furthermore, by utilising a paper trimmer you can cut down laminating sheets to the right size, once you have laminated your afterprint document.  Encapsulating pouches are a versatile choice for preserving all kinds of items for businesses, private individuals, schools and hospitals. 

Choose pouches from our range below and buy multiple packs to ensure you always have a good supply.

Contact The Binding Box for More Information About Laminating Pouches

If you’d like to know more about our range of office and school supplies or need help placing an order.  Please speak to a member of The Binding Box today. 

Email us if you'd like pricing on a pouch laminating machine or if you're looking to upgrade from a pouch laminator to a roll laminator.  We have new model "load and leave" laminators in stock for quick delivery. 

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