A1 A2 Laminating Pouches

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Product NameA1 A2 Laminating Pouches

A cost-effective way to protect and enhance all sorts of flat material.

Protect and enhance sales literature, price lists, notices, menus, teaching aids, photos, work cards and much more.  Widely used within schools, colleges, universities and hospitals. 


Composition Each Side

150 Micron

75 Micron + 75 Micron

200 Micron

100 Micron + 100 Micron

250 Micron

125 Micron + 125 Micron

350 Micron

175 Micron + 175 Micron


  • A1 - 600mm x 846mm
  • A2 - 426mm x 600mm

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  • Compatible with all main brand machines.
  • Stain-resistant and wipe clean surfaces protect against damage.
  • A high polyester content enhances document words and colours for maximum legibility and clarity.
  • Use gloss laminating pouches for maximum clarity.
  • Use matt laminating pouches for outside notices and posters where light reflection may be a problem.
  • Card carriers may be useful when laminating using older machines and can help to prevent items wrapping around the laminator rollers where there may have been a build up of glue from laminating over time.

Recommended operating temperatures are as follows:

Micron Without Carrier With Carrier
150 105 °C 120 °C
200 110 °C 125 °C
250 115 °C 130 °C
350 125 °C 145 °C
500 130 °C 150 °C
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A1 A2 Laminating Pouches

Code Description Pack Price Qty Buy
A2MT250 A2 Matt 250 Mic Laminating Pouches x 100 100 Pack £55.00
£66.00 inc. VAT
A1GL250 A1 Gloss 250 Mic Laminating Pouches x 25 25 Pack £50.00
£60.00 inc. VAT
A2GL250 A2 Gloss 250 Mic Laminating Pouches x 100 100 Pack £31.50
£37.80 inc. VAT