Toner Foils

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Product NameToner Foils
The Binding Box stock a large range of foils in the following colours on different length rolls both 100m and 300m 
  • Bronze 
  • Rose Gold 
  • Rainbow Holographic
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • 100m 
  • 300m
  • Other Colours Available To Order 

Email us for the best price on any new roll laminator suitable for foiling.

Toner foil is a new product especially designed for the short run digital print markets which works with any Pneumatic laminator fitted with a rewind bar (and some non-pneumatics)    

  • Perfect partner to our Corona Treated Printable Soft Touch Film
  • Perfect partner to all pneumatic laminators in particular QTopic and Matrix 
  • Foil applies only to toner, leaving a clear area where no toner is applied
  • Perfect for wedding invitations, flyers and luxury business cards
  • 100m Rolls and 300m Rolls available from stock
  • Melts from 88 degrees C
  • Operating Temperature 110-120 degrees C
  • Compatibale with all pneumatic laminators fitted with a re-wind bar
  • Compatibale with some non pnematic laminators
  • Supplied 320mm Wide 
  • All on 3” Cores (77mm)
  • Free delivery on orders over £125 + VAT
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Toner Foils

Code Description Pack Price Qty Buy
SFSSIL Toner Foil Silver 300m Roll 1 Pack £79.00
£94.80 inc. VAT
SFSSIL5 Toner Foil Silver 5m Sample Roll 1 Pack £3.00
£3.60 inc. VAT
SFSGOL Toner Foil Gold 300m Roll 1 Pack £79.00
£94.80 inc. VAT
SFSCOP Toner Foil Bronze 300m Roll 1 Pack £79.00
£94.80 inc. VAT
TFPC30 Toner Foil Rose Gold 300m Roll 1 Pack £79.00
£94.80 inc. VAT
SPOTG Spot UV Gloss Effect 300m Roll 1 Pack £39.00
£46.80 inc. VAT
SPOTM Spot UV Matt Effect 300m Roll 1 Pack £39.00
£46.80 inc. VAT
BFH315P Holographic Rainbow Toner Foil 100m Roll 1 Pack £85.00
£102.00 inc. VAT
BFGH315 Holographic Glitter Toner Foil 100m Roll 1 Pack £85.00
£102.00 inc. VAT