Fastback Clear And Comp Covers

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Product NameFastback Clear And Comp Covers

The Binding Box offer the complete range of Fastback Binding Covers, exclusively designed for use with the Fastback range of binding machines.

  • Heat resistant Clear Polyester covers (Anti-Static)
  • Full colour range of Composition Covers
  • The Fastback range of Binding Covers are fully compatible with all types of binding equipment and can all be punched and bound with ease.

Email us for the best price on any new Fastback model. 

  • Full range of Fastback Binding Covers
  • Clear Polyester Heat Resistant Covers 175 Micron Anti Static
  • Composition Covers in all colours 
  • Designed exclusively for the Fastback binding machine range
  • Fully compatible with all punching/binding machines
  • Clear Polyester compatible with any heat bind system
  • Stocked in A4
  • Large UK stock holding

Fastback Binding Covers Described.

  • Clear Polyester Covers - Heat resistant alternative to PVC and Polypropylene. Zero distortion when heated
  • Composition Covers - Designed to be used in combination with Comp Strips, smooth glossy finish with exact colour match strips
  • Clear Polyester Covers have anti static seperation sheets inserted to enable quick and easy lift and application
  • 100 Per Pack
  • Free delivery on all orders over £125.00
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Fastback Clear And Comp Covers

Code Description Pack Price Qty Buy
H4CBA Fastback Hardcover Composition Black A4 - Spine A 25 Pack £185.00
£222.00 inc. VAT
H4CDC Fastback Hardcover Composition Dark Blue A4 - Spine C 25 Pack £185.00
£222.00 inc. VAT
H4CDD Fastback Hardcover Composition Dark Blue A4 - Spine D 25 Pack £185.00
£222.00 inc. VAT
COVE64A Fastback Clear Interleaved Covers A4 Heat Resistant 175 Micron 1 x 100 100 Pack £13.00
£15.60 inc. VAT
GA401 Fastback Composition Cover Black A4 100 Pack £55.00
£66.00 inc. VAT
GA410 Fastback Composition Cover Dark Blue A4 100 Pack £55.00
£66.00 inc. VAT
GA430 Fastback Composition Cover Red A4 100 Pack £55.00
£66.00 inc. VAT
GA408 Fastback Composition Cover White A4 100 Pack £55.00
£66.00 inc. VAT