Planamelt R Digital Hot Melt Glue

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Product NamePlanamelt R Digital Hot Melt Glue
The Binding Box offer Planamelt R Hot Melt Adhesive Pellets by Planatol in a range of weights from 2.5kg to 25kg
  • In stock for next day delivery
  • 2.5Kg Tubs
  • 25Kg Sacks

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  • Digital Hot Melt Adhesive Beads
  • Designed for use with all digitally printed materials
  • Compatible with all open tank hot melt perfect binding machines
  • Super EVA to rival PUR characteristics 
  • Fast drying speed
  • Flexible bind.
  • New hot melt technology by Planatol
  • 13 N/Cm 170 Gsm
  • High oil resistance 
  • Suits differing paper grades
  • Excellent lay flat characteristics
  • Product Code Planamelt R 1323-2
  • Free delivery on orders over £125.00 + VAT
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Planamelt R Digital Hot Melt Glue

Code Description Pack Price Qty Buy
PlanR2.5 Planamelt R Digital Hot Melt Glue 2.5Kg 1 Pack £35.00
£42.00 inc. VAT
PlanR25 Planamelt R Digital Hot Melt Glue 25Kg 1 Pack £249.00
£298.80 inc. VAT