Gemini Guillotine Blades

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Product NameGemini Guillotine Blades
  • Guillotine blades and cut sticks are available for the Gemini 465 Guillotine.
  • For Ideal/EBA/Polar please refer to the other tabs for pricing.

Also Available: Gemini Guillotines

  • All blades are shipped in a secure wooden crate for safe transportation.
  • We do also offer a Blade Re-Grind service, please call for details.
  • We do also have a UK National Service Team for the Ideal and EBA Guillotines, Again please call for details.
  • Gemini 465 Only 
  • Free delivery on orders over £125.00 + VAT
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Gemini Guillotine Blades

Code Description Pack Price Qty Buy
Gem465 Gemini 465 Guillotine Blade 1 Pack £205.00
£246.00 inc. VAT