Wire Calendar Hangers

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Product NameWire Calendar Hangers

The Binding Box offer a complete range of traditional calendar hangers in 57mm (2"), 76mm (3") and 102mm (4") in Black,  White and Silver from stock.

Calendar hangers are used in the production of calendars, our range are easy to fit as they slide on after the wire is applied to your calendar. Our easy fit system enables calendars to be produced quickly and easy with no extra tools or special skills.

All boxed in 1,000's.

Also Available : Calendar Thumb Cut

Email us should you need a price for a new wire binding machine. 

  • 57mm (2"), 76mm (3") and 102mm (4") in stock
  • Black, White and Silver in stock
  • Simply slide in to position once wire attached to your calendar
  • Hangers boxed in 1,000's
  • High grade wire
  • Shaped to operate with thumbcut
  • Free delivery on all orders over £125.00
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Wire Calendar Hangers

Code Description Pack Price Qty Buy
CAL57BLK Calendar Hangers 57mm Black 1000 Pack £14.00
£16.80 inc. VAT
CAL57SIL Calendar Hangers 57mm Silver 1000 Pack £14.00
£16.80 inc. VAT
CAL57WHI Calendar Hangers 57mm White 1000 Pack £14.00
£16.80 inc. VAT
CAL76BLK Calendar Hangers 76mm Black 1000 Pack £15.75
£18.90 inc. VAT
CAL76SIL Calendar Hangers 76mm Silver 1000 Pack £15.75
£18.90 inc. VAT
CAL102BLK Calendar Hangers 102mm Black 1000 Pack £22.75
£27.30 inc. VAT
CAL102SIL Calendar Hangers 102mm Silver 1000 Pack £22.75
£27.30 inc. VAT
CAL102WHI Calendar Hangers 102mm White 1000 Pack £22.75
£27.30 inc. VAT