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Product NameStaples

The Binding Box offers a wide range of staples for all the common brands of Electric Stapling and Booklet Making machines.

Electronic stapling machines use exact staples from their matching manufacturer, therefore Rapid stapling machines use Rapid Staples, Nagel machines use only Nagel staples, Stago use only Stago staples and Skrebba only work with their range of Skrebba staples. If you are unsure give us a call we are happy to advise you.

Booklet making machines vary in the staple they use, quite often the most common staple used by traditional booklet making machines are the Rapid staples, however, Nagel booklet making machines only use Nagel staples. Plockmatic box their own staples which are normally Rapid staples, either 66/6 or 66/8.

Staples come in a variety of sizes, types, finishes and box quantities, we have one of the largest UK stock holdings of machine Staples.

  • Full range of machines Staples
  • All sizes of staples available
  • Original Ideal, Swingline, Nagel, Skrebba and Stago staples
  • Loop staples available
  • Staple matching service - call us with your machine type
  • Rapid staples fit 9, 49, 65, 90, 100, 106, 170 & Duax
  • Nagle staples fit Rinak, Enak, Tak 18, Nagel Booklet Makers
  • Stago fit all Stago Range
  • Skrebba staples fit all Skrebba
  • Ideal staples to fit the Ideal 8520 and Ideal 8560

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Code Description Pack Price Qty Buy
50050 SwinglineSnailStaple Cartridge x 1 1 Pack £14.00
£16.80 inc. VAT
50050X10 Swingline Snail Staple Cartridge x 10 10 Pack £138.50
£166.20 inc. VAT
50050X30 Swingline Snail Staple Cartridge x 30 30 Pack £405.00
£486.00 inc. VAT
24867800BOX Rapid 66/6 Staples (Box 5000 x 5 Packs) 5 Pack £30.00
£36.00 inc. VAT
15Y-90763 Duplo DBM150 Staples - Box of 3 3 Pack £92.50
£111.00 inc. VAT