Shredder Oils

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Product NameShredder Oils
  • We supply the Ideal shredder oil in 1Ltr bottles and also our own formulated brand in 1 Ltr bottles.
  • Certified data sheets can be provided to allow all chemical ingredients to be checked.

Also Available: Ideal Shredders

  • Bottled in 1 Ltr
  • Bulk purchase pricing available on 12+ bottles
  • Technical data sheets can be provided upon request.
  • Free delivery over £125.00 + VAT
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Shredder Oils

Code Description Pack Price Qty Buy
DMS10 TFP Own Brand Maintenance Spray 1 Pack £7.50
£9.00 inc. VAT
LUBSO22 TFP Own Brand Shredder Oil 1 Ltr 1 Pack £15.00
£18.00 inc. VAT
9000631 Ideal Shredder Oil sheets (18 Per Pack) 1 Pack £15.00
£18.00 inc. VAT
9000621 Ideal Shredder Oil 1 Ltr 1 Pack £29.95
£35.94 inc. VAT