DIGITAL OPP Gloss Laminate

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Product NameDIGITAL OPP Gloss Laminate
The Binding Box offer a large range of Gloss Ultrabond Digital OPP laminating film in many widths and lengths on different core sizes
  • In stock for next day delivery
  • Digital OPP Gloss Ultrabond Premium Brand - High gloss finish to add real shine to your digital prints.
  • 25 Micron & 40 Micron
  • 315mm & 440mm
  • 1” Core & 3” Core (25mm & 77mm)
  • 200m
  • 500m
  • 1000m

More Information: Laminating Film

  • Fully compatible with all Digitally Printed Material - In particular Xerox
  • Fully compatible with Litho and Inkjet prints
  • Highly agressive glue adheres to even the most difficult surface beating all competition
  • Anti Curl
  • Low Cost
  • Low melt digital laminating film
  • Melts from 88 Degrees C
  • Operating Temperature 90-110 Degrees C
  • Available from stock on 315mm and 440mm width rolls
  • Bespoke widths available upon request
  • Compatible with all types of Laminating Machines in particular QTopic and Matrix
  • 200m Rolls 1" core (25mm) laminators 
  • 500m Rolls 3" core (77mm) laminators
  • 1000m Rolls 3" core (77mm) laminators
  • Free Delivery on orders over £125.00 + VAT
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DIGITAL OPP Gloss Laminate

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May-Special-Gloss Ultrabond Gloss Digital OPP 40 Micron / 440mm / 500m - May Special Offer - Bulk Buy 8 Rolls 8 Pack £65.00
£78.00 inc. VAT